January 23, 2019

Management Dug In, Nurses Button Up

          In our bargaining session last week, we continued our negotiations with the University over healthcare and wages. They maintained their demand for up to 7% increases in how much we pay toward our health insurance premiums, plus $250/$500 deductibles for targeted testing (such as x rays and similar services). More than 20 nurses attended bargaining to show our unity and push back against these drastic demands. TUHNA leadership and University professors union leadership also showed their support by being present again. Management presented a package wage counter proposal, increasing their wage proposal by ¼ percent in years three and four to: 2%, 2%, 2.25%, 2.25%. They remained dug in on their healthcare demands and in insisting on moving the date for our wage increases to January each year rather than October. Currently our proposal is 3.5%,3.5%, 3.25%, 3.25%, maintaining our current 20% contribution to health insurance, and a $100 deductible on targeted testing services like x rays (proposed waiving this at Temple), rather than their $250(single) $500(family) deductible demands.

          RNs and Advanced Practice Nurses throughout NATU are wearing buttons to show our unity, and today hundreds of Nurses and Techs in TUHNA and TAP put out stickers saying "Standing with University Nurses" to show their support before our next bargaining sesssionOur last bargaining session before contract expiration is scheduled for tomorrow, January 24, 2019. We will be in MERB Room 105 again, starting at 5pm (fine to come over later). We had a full room last time, make sure to come out so we can keep pushing for, as our buttons say, a "Fair Contract Now."

Theresa Smigo, CRNP
NATU President