"In my 35 years of nursing, I have never felt so empowered to do what is right for my patients and not be afraid of losing my job or just being told "if you don’t like it, leave."" 

— Angela Neopolitano, RN, Delaware County Memorial Hospital

patients receive better care when we have a voice on the job. having a union allows us to advocate for them and for ourselves.

PASNAP is the fastest growing union for nurses and health professionals in Pennsylvania. We represent more than 8,400 RNs and health professionals across Pennsylvania. As union members, we have a voice to win improvements on our most critical issues: safe staffing, patient care, a fair process for discipline, respect for our work, wages, and benefits. Forming a union and winning a legally binding union contract gives us a strong voice in our workplaces — and that voice results in better care for our patients and better working conditions for ourselves and our coworkers. 

Having a legally protected right to participate in decisions that impact our work environment — and therefore the standard of care we provide for our patients — is truly invaluable.
— Shannan Giambrone, RN, Suburban Community Hospital