hahnemann nurses united


Members who require evidence of an upcoming change in benefits can download a copy of this notice letter from Hahnemann to PASNAP

local union officers 

  • Sue Bowes-Wirsch - President

  • Talia Gottesman - President

  • Joelle Leone - Grievance Chair

  • Tracy Schonly - Membership Chair

  • Lorraine Alexander - Membership Chair

Your Staff Rep: Nick Alpers | nalpers@pasnap.com | 215-694-6823

We recommend that all PASNAP nurses at Hahnemann sign an FTP Revocation form.

If you have not filled out yours yet, just click on the button below to download a copy, sign and date it, and hand it to one of your Local Union Officers.

If you have any questions, email or call your PASNAP Staff Representative.

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