800 Bucks County Nurses at Saint Mary Join PASNAP

Saint Mary victory (1).jpg

Nurses At St Mary Medical Center Vote to Organize With PASNAP

In the largest union organizing victory in Pennsylvania since 2016, when PASNAP organized 3,000 healthcare professionals, a landslide majority of the 800 nurses at St Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA voted to join over 8,000 other nurses and healthcare professionals in PASNAP. 

“As nurses we have always been true frontline advocates for our patients. As healthcare has deteriorated to health business, nurses have had to bear the weight of the cuts in staffing and resources” said Joe Gentile, RN. “Now more than ever we need to unify and advocate for each other. I’ve worked at St. Mary for over 35 years. This is my hospital, my home and my community. This hard fought victory has given us a voice, a hope, and a future.” 

“We weren’t going to stand by and let patient care deteriorate” said Lynn McCarthy, RN who has worked at St. Mary for 8 years. “We’re fighting for ourselves and patients. Our strength is our unity.”

“PASNAP is the fastest growing union for nurses and healthcare professionals in the Commonwealth,” said PASNAP President Maureen May, RN. “We are the heart of the hospitals where we work, and we should have a seat at the table where decisions that affect our patients are made.”

“If there’s one thing that defines us, it’s that we are a fighting union that never backs down,” said PASNAP Executive Director Lisa Leshinski.