Pottstown Nurses Win Second Election, Reaffirm Commitment to Union

Pottstown Nurses celebrated their second union election victory. 

Pottstown Nurses celebrated their second union election victory. 

Nurses at Pottstown Hospital repudiated Tower Health after administration wasted money and resources on an expensive, aggressive union-busting campaign. 

Nurses voted to join PASNAP in September of 2016, before the hospital was acquired by Reading Health System in the formation of the new Tower Health entity. 

While nurses worked to improve patient care and work conditions by securing a first contract, Tower stalled bargaining in an attempt to undermine and push out the union. It escalated its anti-union efforts in 2018, when it undertook a large-scale campaign to decertify the union. Expensive union-busting consultants descended on the hospital as nurses were subjected to captive audience meetings, robocalls, and even veiled threats and intimidation. 

When it came time to vote, though, nurses resoundingly reaffirmed their commitment to the union, winning their second union election in the space of two years. 

"We want to put this division behind us, move forward in a spirit of genuine collaboration, and do whatever we can to make our hospital a better place for everyone," said one union leader. 

The nurses are now calling on Tower Health to work with them cooperatively to settle an agreement that will ensures a greater voice in patient care and hospital staffing, implement a fair and transparent wage scale, and establish fair work policies to prevent management favoritism and selective discipline.